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In the lap of nature in the Kumaon Himalayas, overlooking the world's longest, highest, widest mountain range lies Abbott Mount.

The views of the Himalayas are visible right from October till June. The peaks seen from west to east are Pir Panjal, Kashmir and Himachal, Bandarpuch, Chaukhambha, Neelkunt, Nanda Ghunti, Trishul, Maktoli, Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Panchachuli Peaks of the Central Himalayas (Kumaon and Garhwal). Api, Jethi Bahuran, Surmasarawar, PK 6015 & 6526, Saipal 1 & 2, Kubi Gangri, Kanjiraba, Dhauligiri, Annapurna, Manasulu, Nepal Himalayas and then Kanchanjunga in the Assam Himalayas.

The prominent valleys in the Shivalik seen from Abbott Mount are Pithoragarh to its North, Nepal to its East, South-East Champawat, South-West Almora, Chakauri and Gangolihat.

At dawn one can see the silhouette of the Nepal Himalayas, the shadow of darkness slowly creeping down Kumaon, the Himalayas show their pure white snow clad peaks and then merging from the darkness are the tops of Chaukhamba slowly illuminating Himachal and then Kashmir. From the orange to blue skies and for the Himalayas to have a uniform color it takes about 20 minutes, you are witnessing the time difference on the Indian Sub-continent seen only from Abbott Mount.

When the sun is over the horizon the mountains of Assam and Nepal can no Longer be seen for they are directly in front of the sun, they are visible when the sun is well over them, about Eight o'clock. The valleys are wrapped in mist below your feet most mornings and in front are the vast and magnificent Himalayas, completely awe-inspiring.

The mist in the valleys below is from nimbus / rain cloud on the Himalayas by the afternoon and sometimes over them are stratus / snow clouds and by the evening they usually melt away. At dusk the Assam and Nepal Himalayas disappear, the mountain have an orange hue before fading into darkness. The peaks of Kumaon show the last rays of the setting sun on moonlit nights, you can see a faint image of the Himalayas, the sky seems to extend below your feet as the lights twinkle in the valleys and the ridges below.

On top of Abbott Mount is a big playground and on its slopes are European Bungalows with well-maintained gardens and orchards, the best among them is Abbott Mount Cottage.

It was in 1914 when Mr. John Harold Abbott, a property dealer bought Raikot Tea Estate, 1000 acres from Rev. Bose, to make it an exclusive European settlement. Kot in Kumaon language means fort. There might have been a fort on top of Abbott Mount in the ancient times.

Abbott Mount is surrounded by dense sub-temperate vegetation and abounds with Himalayan wildlife. The closest human settlement is the Village Raikot, Regru, Chaumail and Lohaghat, within 3 to 5 km by foot from Abbott Mount.

The hotel in Pithoragarh (50 km away) is not as exciting as the accommodations here. Mahseer Fishing in Pancheshwar is a big attraction for serious anglers and Abbott Mount happens to be the base for them.

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The house is perfect for one or a large family. It is fully furnished and can sleep upto eight. The house has a large living and dining area with two bedrooms that share one bathroom.


The Baleshwer temple of Champawat built in the 8th century AD by the chand dynasty is intricately carved with erotic scuptures that run all around the outside of the temple struchure.

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