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The Places of interest Abbout Mount Camp Cottage are:


The Baleshwer temple of Champawat built in the 8th century AD by the chand dynasty is intricately carved with erotic scuptures that run all around the outside of the temple struchure.

Vanasur Fort

This fort was named after a kassite king who fought the Aryans, Vanasur has been mentioned in the great Indian epic, the Mahabharata. There is a well on top of the hill, the Khassia knew in the 8th Century B.C .that there is a water table beneath the earth. The fort walls are still intact after withstanding centuries of nature's onslaught. It is a 1 km walk uphill from the motorable road.

Vivekanand Ashram

The conference of the religions of the worldmade Swami Known the world over he carried the message of ancient India to the western world. It was here at Mayawati that Swami Spent much of his time until his untimenly death. Great writings by Swami are available at the Ashram, for children there are comics, based on stories of hinduism. The Ashram runs a charitable hospital and has a nursery where you can buy native plants.

Chand Kot
This once a fort, 2km walk from Abbout Mount on top are now ruins. It offers beautiful views of the Himalayas.

Patal Bhubneshwer Caves

The images of Hindu gods inside the cave are formed naturally on the face of the rocks. It is 90 km from Abbott Mount.

Ritha Sahib

On the banks of the river Ladhya is a temple dedicated to Guru Nanakdev, he Performed a miracle by turning a non-edible fruit of a tree called Ritha into a sweet and edible one. Nowhere else you will find this tree bearing sweet fruits defying science. It is 80km from Abbott Mount.

Gorkhanath Temple
It is a believed that the holy fire has been burning in this temple continuously from the 16 B.C. According to Hindu time frame it is the Satyug. The wood is washed before it is put in the holy fire. It is 70km from Abbott Mount.


Ghat: The entry point for rafting the River Saryu which is 25km from Abbout Mount, it is an 18 km stretch to Pancheshwer through calm and pleasant waters with occasional class 2 or 3 rapids. If one combines it with Mahsser fishing it adds flavor to your trip, it takes about 3 hours to reach Pancheshwer, the confluence of the River Kali and Saryu is Where our rafting and fishing trip ends.

A documentary by Icon films and animal Planet titled 'Flesh Eating River Monster' was based on the stories heard of the disappearance of human in the Kali River. Mr. Jeremy, a scientist caught a 75kg Gooch Catfish - a world record in the Kali River, presuming responsibility for the disappearance of humans in the River Kali.

The house is perfect for one or a large family. It is fully furnished and can sleep upto eight. The house has a large living and dining area with two bedrooms that share one bathroom.


The Baleshwer temple of Champawat built in the 8th century AD by the chand dynasty is intricately carved with erotic scuptures that run all around the outside of the temple struchure.

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